Parsec & LiquidSky

So you want to run Parsec on your SkyComputer but don't know how?
Well, let me help you with these 6 easy steps! :)

1. Login to your SkyComputer

Start and login to your SkyComputer using the LiquidSky client.

If you haven't managed to get the LiquidSky windows client running on your Mac in some form, first follow this easy guide to install it using Wine.

2. Create a account

Go to and create a new account

3. Install Parsec Gaming Server

Now you need to install the Parsec Gaming Server on your Skycomputer.

Go to the Parsec downloads page in a browser on your Skycomputer
and download the Parsec Gaming Server.

Install it on your SkyComputer.

4. Turn off automatic timeout

Make sure automatic timeout in your SkyComputer is set to None
or else your SkyComputer will shutdown during your mythic Karazhan run.

5. Change config file

By default your SkyComputer hides your cursor.
We want to turn this off by editing a simple line in the sky.cfg file.

Open the file sky.cfg in the directory C:\Windows\liquidsky.

Change the ShowCursor=0 value to ShowCursor=1.

Restart your SkyComputer to make this change active.

6. Enjoy!

Congratulations! You can now enjoy your new desktop in the sky.

Just download the client on your Mac (or RPi 3) and login.

If you want to tinker with some configuration settings for the client just visit this page.

I encourage you to join the official Parsec Discord channel if you have any questions or just want to thank the developers personally for creating such an awesome tool! :)

( Made with Carrd )